The Saviour

Musik och text: Tony Nilsson, Henrik Jansson

Come on stop the masquerade
uncover your disguise.
You don´t need to be afraid,
the truth will make your rise.
I´m aware that I´m not God
I´m just a messenger.
But no matter what you want
you have to pay the price.

Il salvatore, il salvatore,
a truthful heart is the greatest victory.
Il salvatore, il salvatore,
the choice is yours, I´m the savior.

I´m not here to take your life.
I´m here to save your soul.
Let the truth become your light
that´ll lead you way back home.
I´ll forgive you for your sins
if you believe in me.

Il salvatore…

He can save you if you let him.
He can save your life today.

Il salvatore…

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