I Do Believe

Musik och text: Christian Antblad

I like to think that I am more than just the dust I´m made of.
That there´s a purpose to be found before they lay me in the ground.
Somebody said that God is dead, I say he´s only sleeping.
So tired of waiting, for the likes of you and me to come around.
The moon is conquered now, the sphere of influence must grow.
The sky is not the limit, it lies much closer don´t you know.

I do believe that every child is born to love.
I do believe that every soldierbreaks a holy promise.
I do believe that God is watching from above.
I do believe the cure for ignorance is love.

Ashes turn to ashes and dust will turn to dust, it doesn´t change.
Annihalation seems to be the only thing that will remain.
There is no mountain left to climb, no trail that we must follow.
Nowhere to turn this time, look inside your heart and you will find.
We reach beyond the stars, as always driven by our pride.
We look for ready answers but fail to see what´s deep inside.

I do believe…

The only way that I can choose, the only thing that doesn´t lose.
But still the hardest thing to find.
I pray the Gods will give us rain, to wash away the hurt and pain.
And leave my wounded heart behind.

I do believe…

© 2010 Universal Music AB